8 novembre 2018


TThe SABER support team helps customers under maintenance contract to fix any licensing or simulation issue with Saber (RD and/or ES Designer).

Licensing support

The team could help to install the software and all the environment around it on computer user.

Simulation support

The SABER engineers could help people on simulation:

  • To understand and fix any error message into the SABER Design
  • To give any tips to well run the simulation.

Moreover, they could present any topic by webmeeting to the user:

  • How to set up Robust Design Analysis?
  • How to set up Functional Safety Analysis?
  • How to use the Battery, MOSFET, IGBT, Diode, cosimulation with Simulink, StateAMS… tool ?
  • etc.

For any kind of request, feel free to contact us!

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