9 novembre 2018

SaberES Designer

One electric platform driving multiple vehicle projects

In your Electric System Design (ESD) projects, are you facing challenges :

  • To reduce the impact of data consistency and re-use throughout the ES Designer flow on time-to-market?
  • To avoid quality problems due to lack of system integration during the design?
  • To deliver your projects on time due to errors in physical protoytpes?


SaberES Designer is a platform for design and automated verification.

It has been designed by Synopsys to/with :

  • Built-in simulation,
  • Built-in global collaboration,
  • Advanced option handling.

SaberES Designer offers unique capabilities to verify and analyze through utilization of the full suite. Indeed, it combines the features of SaberRD main package and with wiring and harness design functionalities.


Benefits of SaberES Designer

Improve design productivity by reducing the functional & physical design time

Easy concurrent design by managing complete projects into the same architecture

Rapidly setup and re-use simulation plan & test results thanks to automated test benches

Reduce assembly risk and system redesign thanks to virtual prototype simulation

Multi-user environment for designing together and share insight on different projects


Automative Electricals systems

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Vehicle power Network

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Hybrid electric systems

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Renewable energy applications

Switching power suppliers

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