6 novembre 2018


Physical Modeling & Simulation for Multi-Domain Systems

In your Electric vehicle (EV) development projects are you facing challenges :

  • To achieve quality, reliability and cost requirements of your vehcile systems?
  • To improve the power network performance and efficiency in order to enhance system reliability?
  • To integrate the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant Systems) and Functional Safety in your vehicle systems?

Saber is the leading solution for advancing aerospace system development:

  • To model and analyze complete aerospace systems
  • To simulate Power Networks, Flights controls systems, avionics network and Wire Harness
  • To choose from over 30.000 ready to use models

SaberRD is an intuitive and functional platform that will ease and accelerate your EV projects.

It has been designed by Synopsys to:

  • Model and design electrical power systems and multi-domain physical systems,
  • Simulate and analyze system designs to achieve performance and robustness,
  • Quality system designs long before physical prototypes are built.

Discover the basic features and the specific modules


Benefits of SaberRD


Improve your complete design by analyzing at the system, sub-system, or vehicle level


Save time and eliminate errors by using models from an industry proven components library


Optimize cost, performance, and reliability with advanced stress, sensitivity, and statistical analyses


Model complete mechatronic systems using industry standard VHDL-AMS & MAST languages


Test the full system earlier with hardware/software co-simulation


Increase analysis throughput with distributed simulations across multiple CPUs


Automative Electricals systems

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Vehicle power Network

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Hybrid electric systems

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Renewable energy applications

Switching power suppliers

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