9 novembre 2018


The following documents are our technical paper that use SABER software. The list serves as a reference resource for our users.
It also demonstrates the power and capacity of these software

View all the white paper below :


How to increase the efficiency of an Electric Vehicle Battery Charging System with Robust Design Capabilities of SaberRD
SaberRD provides the unique and optimal solution for designing, modeling and optimizing EV Battery Charger. In this paper, a level-2 On-board 3.3kW Battery Charging system is analysed and the efficiency is increased using SaberRD.


Designing Automotive Subsystems Using Virtual Manufacturing and Distributed
Adopting robust design principles is a proven methodology for increasing design reliability. This paper describes how virtual manufacturing was developed using distributed computing …


An Automated Model Based Design Flow for the Design of Robust FlexRay™ Networks
This paper introduces an automated, simulation-based methodology based on the guidelines and criteria defined in the FlexRay physical layer specification. In addition, this paper shows how close …


Model Based Design of Robust Vehicle Power Networks
This paper presents a model based technique that enhances the process of vehicle electrical power system design. Vehicle system optimization using virtual prototypes has become critically important…


Modeling and Simulating a VVT System for Robust Design
This paper presents a virtual prototyping approach for the Robust Design of a VVT system. The first step in this approach is to obtain the appropriate models for the systems simulation…
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