8 novembre 2018


Why should you work with us?

The Saber solutions team of expert engineers has more than 20 years of experience in the field of physical systems advanced simulation and robust design analyses.

Saber software expertise is made with client design proficiency and we can also refer to our Synopsys relationships

  • Do you need to optimize a power converter ? (simulation)
  • Do you want to develop or customize a SABER model of a MOSFET or an IGBT ? (model)
  • How to interface SABER with new data format ? (development)
  • Do you have to run a Robust Design analysis ? (Robust Design)

What are our areas of expertise?

The experts of SaberRD and SaberES Designer can support the development of complex projects in different engineering domains:

‏♦  Transient simulations
♦  Frequency scan
♦  Optimization
♦  Develop advanced model of component / devices
♦  Improve existing models
♦  Tailor made Saber developments
♦  Import/Export new data formats
♦  Interface other software
♦  Perform parametric and statistical analyses stress, sensitivity, worst case and fault analysis (FMEA)

Case Study

Our consulting offers are unique and tailor-made in order to answer your needs and solve your challenges. The experts of Saber Solutions from Synopsys and Powersys can assist you on different problematics such the following ones:

Modelling of a metering valve

We developed for a manufacturer the Saber model of a metering valve. This project consisted in building the multi-physics model of the metering valve including:

  • The electrical part (the actuator, a solenoid which changes electrical energy into mechanical displacement),
  • The mechanical part taking into account the elasticity, the friction effect and the reaction of the valve system,
  • The hydraulic part – the inlet, the outlet and the valve which control the hydraulic stream,
  • The thermal part to estimate the thermal losses of the whole system and the variation of the system parameters (fluid viscosity and density and electrical resistance).

We also developed for this model a professional mask to modify the internal parameters without opening the subsystems.

Finally, we validated our model (and adapted it) comparing its behavior with tests provided by the manufacturer.

Transient Validation

A subcontractor needed to implement Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) on vehicles for an important automotive company. The objective was to confirm their TVSs are actually able to suppress impulses regarding automotive company standards.

We used the software Saber to perform this study. We built a model of TVS test circuit in Saber. Detailed frequency-dependent models of diodes and passive elements were used. For some components, the modelling was realized using data from other software (Spice). We created a subcircuit for each one of the four standard inputs whose response has to be investigated.

For each input, we investigated TVS voltage and power at several temperatures.

We determined the TVS response for the four inputs. It depends a very little on temperature. We provided to the client a complete report that describes the model and hypothesis and presents the results.